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Zundapp Bella, Spare Rear shockers for MB conversion, pair, MB

A simple rear shocker conversion to suit Zundapp Bellas to balance out damping on both sides.    These come chrome plated and are adjustable. ... [more]

£ 47.26£ 39.38 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella or Lambretta 12 volt, DC battery, Large, 9AH

This sealed spill-proof battery is the ideal companion to our new MB wiring looms.  The battery can provide power for toys like satnavs, rev counters, lights and extra... [more]

£ 36.00£ 30.00 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella, foot gear rod, adjustable type, MB

This is a MB Scooters up grade for Zundapp Bella's foot gear change arms. Standard gear change arms tend to wear and are difficult to... [more]

£ 20.11£ 16.76 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella, Rear shocker conversion kit, MB

Modernise your Zundapp Bella on the rear suspension by fitting 2 adjustable shockers.    This is a complete home kit includes A pair of adjustable... [more]

£ 103.15£ 85.96 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella crank bearing, each, 2 required

Zundapp Bella crank bearing fits all models, one required each side of the crank.... [more]

£ 14.40£ 12.00 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella, Hex frame bolt kits, R204, stainless steel, MB

All Bellas use these to fasten basically everything on from the running boards to the brake, gear pedal and exhaust.   The originals are always... [more]

£ 28.13£ 23.44 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella small crank bearing dyna start only

Zundapp Bella crank bearing for dyna start models only.... [more]

£ 8.40£ 7.00 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella, Rear shocker mounting bracket, each, MB

These are available separatley if required, you would need 4 but these also come in the Zundapp Bella MB rear shocker conversion kit MBZ0004K... [more]

£ 9.17£ 7.64 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella drive shaft bearing, 2 required

Zundapp Bella drive shaft bearing, 2 are requiredto over haul the drive shaft. Fits all models.... [more]

£ 5.04£ 4.20 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella engine seal, final drive

Zundapp Bella engine seal, final drive shaft. This seal can be changed by removing the rear sprocket, no need to strip the engine.  ... [more]

£ 2.99£ 2.49 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella crankcase clutch side bearing

Zundapp bella crankcase side clutch cover support bearing. Fits all models.  ... [more]

£ 3.84£ 3.20 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella engine seal, kickstart only

Zundapp Bella engine seal, kickstart engines only.... [more]

£ 1.80£ 1.50 (Ex Vat)
Zundapp Bella crank seal

Zundapp Bella crank seal (generator side)... [more]

£ 4.20£ 3.50 (Ex Vat)