Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBH


This innovative carburettor top is a neat solution to throttle cable routing for most applications on vespas and lambrettas.

Most carburettors used for performance upgrades on scooters are designed for motorcycles so the throttle cable routes straight into the top of the carburettor. This can cause problems on Vespa where the carburettor fouls on the frame or on lambrettas where large capacity fuel tanks are used.

Thanks to the neat design of these "snake head" carburettor tops the cable actually enters the top lower than the highest point of the top.
The top also swivels 360 degrees allowing easy fitment with any combination of fuel tank or cable routing.

When fitting this top to a Dellorto PHBH carburettor you need to substitute the standard top screws for cheesehead screws (see MBFCH5X12 in related products).

Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBH
  • Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBH
  • Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBH
  • Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBH

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5 star 1. Wings 28 Sep 2017 

Love it. Does what it says on the tin!


5 star 2. Gary W 02 Jan 2017 

Excellent. Sorted out my lack of space on a series 1 Lambretta. Works well.


5 star 3. Wings 17 Aug 2017 

Great item. Cable now routes to allow a free'r and smoother throttle action.

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